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  • How Much Fiber is Enough? Less Than You Think.

    By Richard Holtz

    An interesting thing happened at the recent Broadband Communities Summit – I found myself having conversations with broadband proponents about how much fiber you really need to get gigabit service to an apartment unit.

    Turns out, it’s not as much as apartment owners may have been led to believe.

    While the marketing message from both service providers and amenity-crazed apartment consultants seems to say you absolutely need deep fiber all the way to the unit, that’s not really the case.

    Here’s the secret that many of that those marketers don’t want you to hear: copper to the unit still actually works just fine. As long as certain key elements are in place, you can still deliver a gigabit experience without fiber all the way to the pillow.

    A few of those elements include getting fiber to comm room; making sure the coax cable running between the comm room and the apartment doesn’t span more than 150 feet; having existing Cat 5e cabling in the walls; and putting quality gigabit capable switches and electronics in the comm room.

    That’s important for a couple of reasons. One, it means that retrofitting an existing building today can be done more cheaply than you may have thought, since you may not have to start tearing into the walls, depending on what’s already there. That’s critical if you’re currently considering buying a building.

    But two, and perhaps more importantly, if you don’t run fiber all the way to the unit, you can save on the costlier electronics that fiber demands.

    For many of my colleagues, this message may seem heretical. After all, as a vocal proponent of widespread broadband adoption for most of my career, an argument against the commonly-accepted industry view that you can never have too much fiber could be viewed, at best, as a kind of backpedaling, and at worst, a betrayal to our common goal of broadband for all.

    But that’s okay. I’ve never been someone who’s afraid to speak my mind, even if my views sometimes fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

    The reason I’m doing so now is because I want apartment owners faced with making these decisions – who have heard nothing but fiber, fiber, fiber over the last decade – – to know the full range of their options, and the costs they’ll incur with each.

    Basically, there’s no question about the value of deep fiber going forward. Taking fiber all the way to the unit is going to be your most future-proof option, for at least the next 20 years, if not more.

    But to get gigabit speeds to the unit today, placing fiber optic electronics in a communications room, and running Cat 5e copper to the apartments themselves works just fine. In fact, you can get gigabit speeds over copper in this kind of set up without even breathing hard. You just need to make sure you have quality switches and electronics within your design. As I like to say, there are gigabit switches, and then there are gigabit switches. Do you know which is which?

    An added bonus is that with copper, your service providers are less apt to squabble amongst each other over the different strands they run their services on, and won’t be able to point fingers at one another when things don’t work.

    Going the copper route also helps owners of existing buildings do a retrofit at a lower cost point, because they don’t need as many of the more expensive electronics – the optical devices designed to transmit signals of light – that they would if they ran fiber all the way to the unit.

    That’s another important point to consider, especially given how fast technology changes. If owners pay – or partner with service providers to pay – for the latest electronics to be placed inside each of their units today, they can potentially face costly amortization and depreciation issues down the road. Basically, the question becomes how do you amortize and depreciate the electronics fast enough to stay ahead of the curve?

    The answer, in some cases, is that you can’t.

    Now, as the cost of fiber optic electronics comes down, this issue will eventually solve itself. And when it does, going with deep fiber all the way to the unit will be a no-brainer.

    But until that happens, owners should know that they have other, more cost effective options that will work effectively to get residents gigabit speeds, without putting undue pressure on their pocketbooks.

    No matter what die-hard fiber proponents and their marketers say.

  • Today’s students, tomorrows renters

    Today’s college students are the luxury apartment market’s next renters. The expectations for tech amenities at apartment communities are on the rise, and going nowhere but up. read more…

  • Head of the Class: Student Housing Amenities

    What are students looking for when it comes to searching for student housing? The answer is simply, the right amenities. Of these amenities, the most important being a good WiFi connection. Without decent internet speed, one could not stream from Netflix, Hulu, etc. or play the latest video games, without having ‘lag’ or having to wait for the video to buffer. Students have certain expectations when it comes to the amenities in their living environment, and the developers need to adapt to keep their units occupied.

  • Landmark State College

    Landmark’s Retreat at State College has been recently been featured in Multifamily Executive Magazine. Located near Pennsylvania State University, Retreat at State College offers a neighborhood feeling of the community by including sidewalks, front porches and back decks so students could enjoy the outdoors.

  • Domain at Eldridge awarded a 2014 Aurora award

    Experience distinctive, lavish living at Domain by Windsor. Located in Houston, these luxury apartments feature a wide variety of floor plans with expansive living areas, stylish apartment interiors, and unbelievable community amenities including resident clubroom, resort-style pool and innovative fitness center. Situated in the Energy Corridor, our residents have unmatched access to Houston’s most desirable employment centers and limitless access to shopping, dining and entertainment.

    Domain at Eldridge, also known by Domain by Windsor has been selected as a winner of a 2014 Aurora award! Compliments to the Owner and Sanford Steinberg the architect.

  • DoorBot: The doorbell for smartphones

    The doorbot is a Wi-Fi enabled, video doorbell that allows you to see and talk with visitors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. With the doorbot application installed on your phone, whenever someone rings your doorbot, you will get a notification on your phone and immediately be able to see/view the person at your door.


    DoorBot Link

  • Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat: Honeywell RTH9590

    As a company that is rooted deep in the technology world, it was clear as to what kind of thermostat we wanted. The Honeywell RTH9590 is a Wi-Fi color touchscreen programmable thermostat, that allows voice commands and scheduling for automatic temperature changes.


    Honeywell RTH9590 Thermostat

  • Live Demo: Various internet delivery models

    In an effort to help more people understand all the factors that have an impact on your resident’s internet experience, InfiniSys has built an online demo to demonstrate. By changing the variables, you will notice the changes in experience.

  • InfiniSys Adopts New Project Management Software Newforma

    With more and more projects being added, organization of data becomes more and more important. InfiniSys is adapting a new project management software package from Newforma in order to improve the structure and throughput of the overall process of beginning to end with a project.

  • Article: Green Space

    Living in Florida, we are spoiled by the weather.  The abundant sunshine and rainfall ensures that we see vibrant flora and fauna all year around.   Even though I’ve designed (in my head) a portable desk to drag outside on one of those many beautiful sunny days, I had to come up with a more practical solution.  Richard Holtz, the CEO, gave me the go ahead to buy plants.  I wanted the office to feel more aesthetically pleasing and bring a little of the outside in, but after doing some research I found out that having plants in your workplace does so much more.  Extensive research by NASA and several universities has shown that office plants act as air purifiers by absorbing harmful toxins.  Indoor air pollution can contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), especially if the office has a lot of furniture, computers, copiers, and plastic/synthetic materials.  The air is then cleaner to breathe which reduces the risk of sickness and increases productivity.  My coworkers have expressed to me that the plants make them feel happier and less stressed, almost like having a desk outside!

  • Article: Benefits of Daily Walks

    The employees at InfiniSys take two 15 minute, 0.7 mile walks daily. These walks not only help to improve the employees physical health, but also their mental health. There are proven studies, that if you walk on a daily basis, you will have more energy and feel happier. According to tescoliving, getting active releases feel-good endorphin’s into the bloodstream, reducing stress and anxiety. [1]


  • InfiniSys Diagrams
    High Rise GPON

    High Rise Fiber Based Active

    Mid Rise GPON

    Mid Rise Fiber Based Active

  • InfiniSys lead the redesign of a customers website

    12.03.13 — In today’s world of business, a website is crucial to success. InfiniSys lead the redesign of a customers website which was originally done prior to 2000. By utilizing smart grid systems, valid css3, emerging libraries, the new website now meets today’s requirements for being considered modern.

  • Re-Introducing: Our InfiniSys Online RFP Portal

    10.28.13 — With the year coming to an end, we take a minute to look back and recognize some of the changes we have undergone. One of our achievements this past year, was the launch of our new and improved online RFP portal. By taking advantage of new emerging technologies, such as the google maps js api, improved document libraries, jQuery and Sharepoint 2013; we were able to automate majority of the redundant tasks during the process of issuing an RFP. Using our online RFP portal, we issue invitations to a wide range of providers to get the best price / solution for our customers.

  • University House Central Florida

    University House Central Florida

    Location: Orlando, Fla.
    Developer: Inland American Communities
    Builder: Winter Park Construction
    Architect:Humphreys & Partners Architects
    Number of units: 416 units/995 beds
    Unit mix:One- to four-bedrooms
    Rents: $570 to $1,125 per bed

    Loaded with amenities and state-of-the-art technology, University House Central Florida was designed with Millennials in mind.

    The 416-unit, five-story student housing property sits on 9.9 acres less than a mile from the campus of Central Florida University, one of the largest and fastest-­growing universities in the nation. The community features a mix of one- to four-bedroom units housing 995 students across nine floor plans ranging from 475 to 1,521 square feet. The fully furnished apartments sport a fresh, urban interior design.

    Outside, students have access to four courtyards designed to encourage interaction. Other amenities include a zero-entry, resort-style pool detailed with intricate paver designs; a first-class fitness center; outdoor volleyball and basketball courts; and a putting green. The clubhouse features a multimedia lounge and clubroom trimmed with high-end finishes, offering a luxurious study and research environment, as well as areas to relax and socialize.

    In keeping with its hip target audience, the project offers wireless Internet, as well as wireless surround sound and flat-screen TVs in common areas. Due to its innovative design and premium amenities, the property achieved the milestone of being 100 percent preleased in early summer 2012. A waiting list remains.

  • InfiniSys named to Broadband Communities 2013 annual list of Top 100 again

    07.26.13 — InfiniSys named to Broadband Communities 2013 annual list of Top 100 Fiber-to-the-Home Companies and Organizations. “The FTTH Top 100.” Print and digital release coming soon. Please visit the winners from 2013 which includes InfiniSys Electronic Architects.

  • Inland American Communities / Ambling University Development Group Partner For Georgia Tech Dev

    07.24.13 — Inland American Communities Group, Inc., (IAC) has partnered with Ambling University Development Group to build the latest University House project close to the Georgia Tech campus. The 20-story, mixed-use development, which includes 10,243 square feet of retail, will feature 268 units totaling 706 beds with studio, one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom plans. Many units will include balconies with views of Midtown, the Georgia Tech campus and downtown Atlanta. Amenities will include a resort-style pool on an elevated terrace, a secured parking garage, business and fitness centers and a city-view sky lounge on the top floor. The project will open in fall 2015. IAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inland American Real Estate Trust, Inc

  • Trademarked Sites: and

    06.27.13 — Our Trademarked Sites: and

  • InfiniSys Designed University House Central Florida Awarded Grand Award in 2013 Gold Nugget Awards

    06/11/2013 — University House Central Florida Awarded Grand Award in 2013 Gold Nugget Awards

    University House Central Florida, a student housing development built by Winter Park Construction, is the recipient of a Grand Award from the 2013 Gold Nugget Awards. The Gold Nugget Awards, presented by PCBC and sponsored by Builder Magazine, recognizes builders, developers, architects and land planners who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning and development. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the award competition and the ceremony took place in San Diego, California on June 05, 2013.

    University House Central Florida was the recipient of a Grand Award, the highest achievement, for the Best Campus Housing Project – Faculty or Student Residences. Developed by Inland American Communities and designed by Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P., this premier student housing development just one mile south of the University of Central Florida (UCF) wowed the judges with the “myriad of first class amenities.” The 5-story, 416-unit/995-bed development features a fitness center, multimedia lounge, resort-style pool with cabanas, sport courts, a putting green, tanning beds and more. The contemporary and modern exterior complement the evolving urban feel of the UCF campus and surrounding areas.

    This is the first award for University House Central Florida. To read more about this project, please visit our website at

  • New Housing Projects A Result Of Master Plan at Texas State

    06.13.13 — New apartment complexes are constantly being built around San Marcos, and Texas State’s growth and demand for student housing are able to fill hundreds of additional bedrooms each year.
    There are currently eight multi-family housing projects under construction and 13 under consideration for future development, according to a May status report released by the city. The projects include expansions to existing apartments and the construction of new housing complexes. Most apartments in San Marcos that opened last fall or will open this fall have pre-leased more than half of their units, according to their leasing representatives.
    Matthew Lewis, director of planning and development services, said the occupancy rate of existing apartments in San Marcos is high.

    Vickie Pustka, leasing manager for Copper Beech, a townhome community on Mill Street, said the complex has pre-leased 87.85 percent of its units or about 1,088 of 1,238 bedrooms for the upcoming semester.
    The Vistas Apartments, a new student apartment complex located on North Fredericksburg St. slated to open fall 2013, has pre-leased about 479 of 532 bedrooms, 90 percent of its units for the fall, according to leasing manager Amanda Kamenoff.

    The Village on Telluride currently has a 66 percent of its units filled, or 335 of 508 of the new bedrooms built in the last phase of expansion, said leasing manager Melissa Konstancer.
    Lewis said there is a need to create a diversity of housing complexes for the community that are “long-term, good investments” because of the university’s trends in growth and plans for expansion.
    Lewis said the city had to play catch-up instead of being ahead of the curve in terms of housing because of the outdated city Comprehensive Master Plan.

    “Rather than being reactive to the growth as we have been, we are trying to plan for the growth appropriately,” Lewis said.

    Lewis said the newly completed Comprehensive Master Plan will give San Marcos a clear direction in how growth should occur in the city.

    Lewis said the main reason the multi-family market is coming to San Marcos is to largely fill Texas State’s student housing needs.

    John Foreman, planning manager for the City of San Marcos, said multi-family projects aimed at students are typically on similar construction time schedules to be completed for the fall semester each year.

    “We had that last year with The Retreat and the last phase of Aspen Heights (now Village on Telluride),” Foreman said.

    “This year it will happen with The Avenue Apartments, Vistas Apartments and several others.”

    Foreman said the number of multi-family projects in San Marcos is higher than that of other cities of the same size, but the number is comparable to other towns with universities.

    Foreman said since the majority of San Marcos developments in the last few years have been multi-family housing, this leads to a culture of people who are renting and not owning homes. Foreman said this has resulted in San Marcos’ “fairly low” home ownership rate of 25 percent.

    Lewis said a recent community survey showed some San Marcos residents believe multi-family developments are “happening too fast” and want the city to address the issue.
    However, Foreman said there is a definite growth in the populations of average college-age and nontraditional students, but there are also more families moving into the city as well. He said this creates a need for more apartments that will only be met by making more housing available.

    “Typically, when you see growth in multi-family development it is in response to some kind of a demand,” Foreman said.

    “Obviously, there is a demand for new residential dwellings.”

  • InfiniSys Attending InfoComm 2013

    06.11.13 — Keeping in touch with what’s going on in the technology world helps InfiniSys, Inc. stay ahead of the rest! That’s why beginning June 12th thru June 14th the entire InfiniSys design team will attend InfoComm 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. What is InfoComm? An opportunity for professionals, like those at InfiniSys, to learn about the latest in audio, video, display, project, lighting and staging, by exploring and learning from the industry’s leading manufacturers through seminars, workshops, booths, and training programs which focus solely on the latest in the world of technology.

  • InfiniSys Staying Current

    05.01.13 — Now that 2013 is in full swing, InfiniSys is planning several changes to stay current with the ever-changing technology world.

    InfiniSys is working to upgrade all of its workstations by purchasing new HD monitors to improve visibility, usability and productivity.

    Along with new monitors, we have upgraded all of our software to that of 2013+. Software has a big impact on how we get things done; we have migrated to cloud-based products such as Microsoft’s Office 365 for our everyday document/email needs, Lync for streamlined internal communications and Mozy for our full server backup.

    Keeping in touch with what is going on in the technology world helps us stay ahead of the rest. In the next few weeks, the entirety of the InfiniSys team will be attending InfoComm 2013 in Orlando.

  • Revamped Hotel Workspaces Encourage Collaboration

    03.30.13 – 3 New Takes on the Business Center — Dreary hotel business centers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. A number of hotels are now catering to the needs of business travelers by rolling out spaces designed for working in small groups. looks at three of these new designs — including the Yotel New York (an InfiniSys client), which offers free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen display for presentations, a boardroom table and more. Read more »

  • Extreme Amenities in Student Housing Catching On Elsewhere

    02.21.13 – Extreme Amenities in Student Housing Catching On Elsewhere — Multifamily Executive Magazine speaks with InfiniSys CEO Richard Holtz about the latest in “extreme” amenities for student housing projects … and how some of those amenities are starting to find their way into conventional multifamily deals, as well. Read more »

  • InfiniSys Developing Sharepoint RFP Portal

    01.31.13 – Improving Our Online RFP Portal With our online RFP portal turning 1 year old recently, it became imperative we keep it up to date with modern technology. A new version of our online portal is in the works to be centered around SharePoint, which will allow users to take advantage of an online form.

  • Richard Holtz to Keynote Broadband Communities Summit

    01.29.13 – Technology Trends Keynote at BBC Summit What are the latest technology trends that are influencing the multifamily industry and other housing developments? InfiniSys CEO Richard Holtz will open the Thursday sessions with a keynote address focusing on the technology trends in low voltage networks and technology amenities, as well as other factors such as the influence of new consumer electronics and even other industries such as hospitality and even automobiles.

    For more information or to register for the 2013 Broadband Communities Summit, visit the Summit site. If you have questions about the latest technology trends in the meantime, please contact us. Let us know if we’ll see you in Dallas!

  • Going Paperless in 2013

    01.02.13 – Going Paperless in 2013 InfiniSys regularly helps our clients use technology to create more sustainable, more energy-efficient projects throughout the country.

    As of 2013, we’re making a greater commitment to “go green” ourselves. We’ve used Web-enabled programmable thermostats in our offices for several years, but in 2013, InfiniSys is going paperless — we’re relying entirely on cloud services and digital archiving systems, even down to our receipts. If you’d like more information about how your company can use cloud services to go paperless, please contact us.

  • Resort Living Comes to Campus

    12.06.12 – Inland American, Capstone Collegiate Communities: Resort Living Comes to Campus — Multifamily developers looking for new areas of growth are turning to colleges, where students have acquired a taste for luxury amenities; studying in the sauna or by the pool. InfiniSys consulted on the low voltage networks and technology amenities at several of the student housing communities mentioned, including University House, Lodges of East Lansing and Cottages of College Station. Read more »

  • InfiniSys Leads with Latest Technology

    11.06.12 – InfiniSys Leads With Latest Technology: Technology is constantly evolving, and InfiniSys is committed to keeping up with the latest trends and the newest tools to help us design our projects and collaborate more efficiently with our clients.

    InfiniSys continues to lead the multifamily, with technology updates that include:

    • Windows 8
    • Server 2012
    • Sharepoint 2013
    • Office 2013
    • AutoCAD 2013
    • New high performance workstation PCs
    • New Multi-Process Hyper-V high performance server
    • Cloud Archiving
    • Cloud based VoIP system with video conferencing and whiteboard capability
    • Online RFP Portal
    • Customer Sharepoint Sites with real-time project status updates

    The verdict is still out on Windows 8, but we’re pressing ahead with the latest tools, and we look forward to leading the industry in technology adoption for years to come. If you’re interested in improving the technology at your property or your entire organization, please get in touch with us.

  • Clients in the News: Kayne Anderson

    Kayne Anderson: American Campus Communities to acquire $862.8 million portfolio from Kayne Anderson, including The Lofts of Kennesaw (Kennesaw State University),
    Aspen Heights and The Cottages of Baton Rouge (Louisiana State University), The Lodges of East Lansing (Michigan State University), The Cottages of Durham (University of New Hampshire), 5 Twenty Five Angliana and 5 Twenty Four Angliana (University of Kentucky) — all properties where InfiniSys consulted on the low voltage networks and technology systems. Congrats to the Kayne Anderson on a successful transaction!

  • Clients in the News: Crescent Resources, Simmons Vedder, Two Trees

    Crescent Resources: Post Properties acquires Circle at South End from Crescent Resources

    Rampart Construction/Simmons Vedder Partners: The Domain at Eldridge is not a typical garden-style or wrap project

    Two Trees: Two Trees Management now owns Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg and accepts community input on final development plans

  • InfiniSys Expanding

    10.09.12 – InfiniSys Expanding: InfiniSys has begun expanding its roster to handle the recent flow of jobs. InfiniSys welcomes the newest members of our engineering team; Nikki, Elisa and Maricel.

  • Technology: Students Want It, Developers/Owners Must Offer It

    05.15.12Technology: Students Want It, Developers/Owners Must Offer It: “I expect to have the same technology at my apartment that I have at my home.” — Andrew Bates, Student, University of North Texas

    During this year’s RealShare Student Housing conference, technology was keyed as an important amenity in this growing sector. “If we have a property with the best Internet in town, we promote it,” said Luca Finocchiaro, Greystar’s Director of Real Estate Student Living. “It really helps leasing velocity.”

    (One correction of the information in the article: Providing better cellular connectivity can be pricey, but it’s not $12/sq ft … it’s closer to $1-2/sq ft. And students definitely expect a high level of coverage.)

    Read more at »

  • Introducing NetworkedCottage™ for Cottage Communities

    03.20.12 – Introducing NetworkedCottage™ for Cottage Communities – After successfully completing work on cottage-type multifamily projects in several states, InfiniSys Electronic Architects is announcing the NetworkedCottage™ system, featuring a fiber-based system and wireless access for each cottage. Richard Holtz, Principal of InfiniSys said, “We’ve seen a few more cottage projects coming online, particularly in student housing, and we saw an opportunity to provide technology solutions designed specifically for these types of projects.”

    The NetworkedCottage™ system includes a fiber-based network to maximize bandwidth-based services to each renter (high-speed Internet, HDTV, etc.), in-home networks and Wi-Fi access for each cottage, access control and security systems and much more. The system can be designed to provide services from a single telecommunications provider (bulk service agreement) or multiple providers (to provide residents with a choice of services). If you’d like more information about the NetworkedCottage™ system and other technology amenities for your cottage-style project, please contact InfiniSys.

  • Yotel NYC Featured as Property of the Month

    01.05.12 - Yotel New York Featured as Broadband Communities’ Property of the Month: InfiniSys client Yotel New York is the featured Property of the Month in the latest issue of Broadband Communities. InfiniSys consulted on the low voltage networks, selection of the service providers, the DAS network (to improve cellular & wireless service in the building) and many other systems throughout the building, which is part of the W. 42nd St. mixed-use development completed last year by The Related Companies. Congrats on a great launch, Yotel! Read more »

  • NYC YOTEL Selects KABA,

    11.08.11YOTEL selects KABA for electronic locks, MICROS for reservations: More technology announcements from InfiniSys client Yotel this month as they announce their selection of KABA’s contactless ILCO 790 RFID electronic door locks for all 669 guest rooms, as well as their selection of MICROS’s Central Reservation System (CRS) and OPERA Enterprise Solution to manage cabin inventories, rates, reservations, and guest profiles from one single point. YOTEL is a revolutionary hotel concept, so it’s no surprise to see them continue to partner with top-notch technology partners like KABA and MICROS. is featured in this piece from WABC highlighting the technology throughout the building, including touchscreen kiosks, push-button sofa beds and more. Congrats to the Yotel team on their successful opening of their NYC location! Read more here and here »

  • Introducing the InfiniSys Online RFP Manager

    09.23.11Introducing the InfiniSys Online RFP Manager: Here at InfiniSys, we regularly manage the RFP process on behalf of our property owner and developer clients as they seek proposals for the latest TV, Internet and phone services for their communities. To streamline this process for the service providers and get our clients the information they need to make informed decisions, we’ve developed a completely custom online RFP management system. Are you a service provider seeking to bid on upcoming multifamily projects? Please contact us. Read more »

  • Yotel offers high-tech at an affordable price

    06.07.11Yotel offers high-tech at an affordable price: InfiniSys client Yotel is featured in this piece from WABC highlighting the technology throughout the building, including touchscreen kiosks, push-button sofa beds and more. Congrats to the Yotel team on their successful opening of their NYC location! Read more »

  • Yotel: High-style, low-priced hotel opens in NYC

    04.07.11Yotel: High-style, low-priced hotel opens in NYC: USA Today chats with the Gerard Greene, the CEO of InfiniSys client Yotel about the newest hotel in New York. Much of the discussion focuses on the technology throughout the building, including the Wi-Fi (it’s free), touchscreen kiosks and more. Congrats to Gerard and his team on their successful opening of Yotel New York! Read more »

  • Residences At Henley On Hudson Surpasses 50% Sold

    03.28.11Residences At Henley On Hudson Surpasses 50% Sold: InfiniSys client Roseland Property Company announced a strong sales surge at their beautiful Henley on Hudson condominium project, which looks into midtown Manhattan from Weehawken, NJ. Developed in partnership with Lennar Urban, Henley features some incredible technology amenities, including a club room, theater room, billiards and gaming lounge and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Congrats to the Roseland team on their continued success! Read more >>

  • Roseland Gets TCO for Tallest Rental Building in New Jersey

    03.16.11Tallest N.J. Rental Receives TCO: Longtime InfiniSys client Roseland Property Company has received the first temporary certificate of occupancy for their Monaco rental development in Jersey City. The leasing office at the 50-story, 524-unit project is slated to open April 1. The waterfront development includes 12,000 square feet of retail space, a 10-story parking deck and the latest in technology services as part of the RoseLink amenity package. Congratulations to the Roseland team for another great project! Read more >>

  • Innovative Student Living Coming to West Campus

    03.03.11Crescent Resources Set to Begin Student Apts: InfiniSys is proud to be working with Crescent Resources to bring their innovative apartments to college students at the University of Texas with their latest development — Circle West Campus. Crescent’s apartment concept has been highly sought-after in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Charlotte. Circle communities feature environmentally conscious design and materials as well as upscale amenities for residents. We look forward to helping Crescent add leading-edge technology amenities to the list for students in Austin. Read more >>

  • New Developments Rolling Out Fitness-Based Amenities

    02.25.11New Developments Rolling Out Fitness-Based Amenities: The latest development by InfiniSys client The Related Companies, located at 42nd Street and 10th Avenue in New York City, is featured in this New York Times piece on trends in fitness amenities for residents. This is a mixed-use project featuring rentals, condos, a Yotel hotel and more. The incredible technology incorporated into the building is included in many areas of the fitness amenities. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out this project when it opens later this year. Read more >>

  • A look at Yotel coming to Times Square

    02.07.11A look at Yotel coming to Times Square: InfiniSys client Yotel’s newest location, just west of Times Square in New York City, is featured on the Wall Street Journal and The Real Deal. With some incredibly interesting technology incorporated into the building, InfiniSys is excited to be part of the team, and we look forward to a successful opening in April 2011. Described as “high design with user-friendliness in a small package,” you’ll definitely want to take a look at the newest hotel coming to New York. Read more >>

  • Hear the latest tech trends for multifamily at IBS ’11

    01.03.11 – Will you be attending the 2011 NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando? Mike Whaling from InfiniSys will be hosting a panel discussing the latest technology trends for multifamily communities, including wireless, 3D, green tech, fiber and more. If you have questions you’d like to hear addressed at the conference, please let us know. Want to meet up at the event? Call Mike direct at 386.795.8000. See you at IBS!

    Can’t make it? Follow our live tweets from throughout the event at

  • Construction Under Way at The Varsity at College Park

    11.04.10 – Construction Under Way at The Varsity at College Park: Congratulations to InfiniSys client Ultimate Student Living on their new student housing project in College Park, Maryland. InfiniSys is excited to be part of the team, and we look forward to a successful opening next summer. Read more >>

  • InfiniSys Launches Hotel Technology Group

    09.01.10 – InfiniSys Launches Hotel Technology Group: InfiniSys Electronic Architects officially introduce their Hotel Technology services, providing everything from wireless network design to Point-Of-Sale systems. As InfiniSys CEO Richard Holtz put it, “We feel there’s a significant opportunity to improve the level of technology throughout many hospitality projects, both to better serve the guests during their stay and improve efficiencies in the back of the house.”

    Clients already include Wyndham, Yotel and more. Learn more about our hotel technology consulting services.

  • Meet InfiniSys at NAA 2010

    06.24.10 – Will you be attending the NAA Education Conference in New Orleans? Meet Mike Whaling from InfiniSys, and make sure you ask him about the latest in wireless, cellular network boosting and technology trends for your multifamily property. Want to meet up at the conference? Call Mike direct at 386.795.8000. See you at the show!

    Can’t make it? Follow our live tweets from throughout the event at

  • Broadband Properties Recognizes InfiniSys Design as Property of the Month

    04.30.10Post Alexander Recognized by Broadband Properties (PDF): Broadband Properties Magazine recognizes the InfiniSys design for Post Alexander as “an example of a multiple-provider model gone right.”

  • Richard Holtz Recognized by Broadband Properties

    04.26.10 – We’re proud to announce that Richard Holtz has been named one of the Most Influential People in Multifamily Broadband by Broadband Properties Magazine.

  • MDU Owners Debate Virtues, Vices of ONTs (From Communications Technology)

    04.28.09MDU Owners Debate Virtues, Vices of ONTs: Communications Technology sits down with Richard Holtz and several multifamily operators at the 2009 Broadband Properties Summit to weighed the pros and cons of laying fiber all the way to individual apartments in multifamily communities.

  • High Fiber (From Multifamily Professional Magazine)

    12.01.08High Fiber: Multifamily Professional Magazine connects with Mike Whaling about the pros and caveats of deploying fiber services such as FiOS in apartment communities.

  • Foward Focus: How to Future-Proof Your Property

    11.01.08“Foward Focus – How to Future-Proof Your Property”: Multifamily Executive’s Joe Bousquin hosted an informative webinar about the need to create property networks that are prepared for future services. Joe spoke with Richard Holtz, calling him “one of the leading technology consultants in the multifamily industry. Enough said.” Thanks, Joe!

  • IPTV on the Horizon

    10.01.08IPTV on the Horizon: Apartment Finance Today gets Richard Holtz’s view of the future of IPTV — a service that is starting to become available for apartment buidlings.

  • InfiniSys contributes to success of NAA Property of the Year

    06.28.08 – Grigio Tempe Town Lake named Property of the Year: Developed by Gray Development, the Grigio Tempe Town Lake community was named the 2008 Apartment Community of the Year at this year’s PARAGON Awards Ceremony, hosted by the National Apartment Association.

    InfiniSys is proud to have worked with Gray on the low voltage consulting, telecommunications contract negotiations and technology amenities for the project, including state-of-the-art telecom services, access control systems, a full Business and Conference Center, technology throughout the Members’ Lounge & rooftop Sky Lounge, and much more. Congrats to the Gray team for being recognized for this fantastic project … you certainly deserve it!

    Read more at »

  • Amplify Those Fading Bars

    05.01.08Amplify Those Fading Bars: The New York Times interviews Richard Holtz about the growing importance of cellular coverage deep in buildings.

  • Richard Holtz pens an article

    12.18.07Richard Holtz pens an article for Multi-Housing News, reviewing strategies and best practices for properties upgrading to DIRECTV’s new HD platform.

  • The Orlando Business Journal

    12.07.07The Orlando Business Journal discusses the impact of the FCC ruling for MDUs with Richard Holtz.

  • Richard Holtz is interviewed by The Washington Post

    10.31.07Richard Holtz is interviewed by The Washington Post about how the FCC’s ban on exclusive agreements with cable operators will impact the multifamily industry.

  • Multifamily Executive talks with Richard Holtz

    09.01.07Multifamily Executive talks with Richard Holtz about how in-unit Wi-Fi is quickly becoming a must-have amenity in many apartment communities..

  • The New York Times interviews Systems Architect Orrin Charm

    06.05.07The New York Times interviews Systems Architect Orrin Charm about the ins and outs of outdoor audio systems.

  • Florida Investor Magazine turns to Richard Holtz and Orrin Zharm

    05.01.07Florida Investor Magazine turns to Richard Holtz and Orrin Zharm to outline the critical factors to consider about a building’s technology infrastructure when acquiring an existing property.

  • FirstMonday discusses trends in home technologies

    02.01.07FirstMonday, the monthly publication of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, discusses trends in home technologies with InfiniSys as part of its Focus on Residential Real Estate. (Begins on page 21)

  • Richard Holtz and Josh Katz discuss new technologies

    02.01.07Richard Holtz and Roseland Property Zompany’s Josh Katz discuss new technologies for fitness centers with Multifamily Executive.