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InfiniSys creates community wide amenity packages that will attract more residents, provide a larger return on your investment and make future upgrades possible when new technology and services are introduced.


Our SmartApartment® and NetworkedApartment® designs will allow you to offer the following amenities to your residents: High speed data connections, Digital satellite television, Hi definition TV, WiFi, Access Control, Voice communications, Audio/Video entertainment systems, Energy management, Security cameras and alarms, Video concierge, Community channels, Clubhouse theater and gaming rooms, Fitness center smart equipment, and more. SmartApartment® and NetworkedApartment® designs utilize robust low-voltage technology and infrastructure.

If feasible, fiber is the preferred delivery method-especially when planning for the future. We recommend running it to every unit or, at least, consider installing fiber to the unit (FTTU) pathways now. We will layout the NetworkedApartment® design for the pathways from the Main Communication Room to the Building Communication Closets, then from the Building Communications Closet to the apartments.


For existing multifamily residential properties, InfiniSys can help owners and management understand what the current condition of the property, network, and telecom agreements will support going forward. At the same time, we can help design changes to the infrastructure that will help you add technology and value to your property.

Due diligence is critical to any successful acquisition. InfiniSys can appraise a building’s network and other systems prior to closing. Our inspectors are specially trained to assess the condition of the technology infrastructure and to determine what additional expenses will be incurred to bring it up to par. You will want to make sure the technology adds value to the property and increases your ROI. With a comprehensive Technology Assessment, we will conduct a thorough onsite audit to evaluate the design and condition of the current systems, we will evaluate the contracts governing the Internet, TV and phone services, and prepare a budget for any improvements that will need to be made.


From coordinating the underground activity with technology service providers, to managing communication among installers, general contractors and owners, InfiniSys can help your next technology installation or upgrade project run smoothly, efficiently, and on-time.

InfiniSys can help you centralize the low-voltage bid process. We’ll create a cross-section of bids and an “apples to apples” comparison using your preferred installers as well as our recommended national partners. By streamlining the process and relying on our bid review knowledge, you’ll receive a quality installation at a fair cost.


Working with a property owner’s legal counsel, InfiniSys helps negotiate with technology service providers to minimize infrastructure installation costs while maximizing recurring revenue opportunities. We will help you draft a contract that aligns with the technical scope of work and the original project design.