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Richard Holtz

Richard Holtz is the CEO of InfiniSys, a multifamily technology consulting firm founded in 1989. He strongly advocates for the standards-based implementation of technologies that can be used by a broad range of consumers and up-graded for future services.

Named one of the most influential people in real estate and technology, Richard frequently speaks at events centering on the business opportunities created by technology-based amenities. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing the concept of the NetworkedApartment®, the FTTA  Fiber-to-the-Apartment system, and branded technology packages such as PostSmart® (Post Properties), and Roselink® (Roseland Property Company).

Thanks to Richard’s foresight and innovation, InfiniSys is widely regarded as a leader and has “wired” more than a million units – from New York to Arizona … and Texas to Wisconsin.

In addition, Richard is committed to the growth and development of the industry. He is recognized as one of the most vocal advocates for standards-based implementation of low-voltage systems. In fact, Richard was the U.S. delegate to the ISO and IEC Commissions, which were charged with developing low-voltage standards.

Richard’s technical expertise stems from various engineering management and senior executive positions at multi-national firms – including ABB, a leading builder of home electronic systems, networks and components.


Tom Stender

Tom Stender has been with InfiniSys for nearly two decades. As a partner and the company’s Chief Technology Officer, Tom oversees product development to ensure that InfiniSys designs meet the latest standards. Additionally, he closely monitors the telecommunications industry as well as other home technology trends to help clients understand the latest technology.

Tom helps InfiniSys develop new services that will appeal to today’s tech-savvy residents. Broadband Properties named Tom as one of the most influential people in the industry.