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We’re familiar with your challenges,  and we can help. For example:

“It’s difficult to stay on top of the latest telecom changes and rules governing telecom design.”

When it comes to designing buildings for one service provider or multiple providers – we’re pros. For more than a decade, InfiniSys has created property networks suitable for multiple providers – an option increasingly popular, thanks in part to the FCC’s ruling against exclusive contracts with a single provider. We’ve developed strong relationships with many major service providers so we’re constantly up to speed with the latest service offerings. And, our team know what advancements are on the horizon.

“We need to be more eco-friendly.”

Technology enhances green design by reducing waste and increasing sustainability. Amenities such as light sensors, remote-access thermostats, “smart” appliances and weather sensor irrigation systems conserve energy – but they require a long-lasting, high-bandwidth infrastructure. Enter InfiniSys. Our robust infrastructure designs are capable of handling extremely large bandwidth demands – creating a greener, more sustainable building.

“We want to be the ‘go to’ architect for the multifamily industry.”

Some of the industry’s leading architects are those who understand the value technology provides to developers – such as increased property value, higher occupancy rates and ancillary revenue sources. Those architects invite technology experts to participate in the planning process from the earliest stages – creating a stronger overall building design that offers more than just basic phone, video and data services. The multifamily industry is a fairly tight-knit community … word about high-quality work spreads quickly.

The question is: What do you do? The answer: Include InfiniSys on your team and expect innovation, experience and cost-efficient, sustainable solutions. Get started by contacting us.