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Results Driven Technology Solutions




Our SmartApartment® and NetworkedApartment® designs allow you to offer the following amenities to your residents: High speed data connections, Digital satellite television, Hi definition TV, WiFi, Access Control, Voice communications, Audio/Video entertainment systems, Energy management, Security cameras and alarms, Video concierge, Community channels, Clubhouse theater and gaming rooms, Fitness center smart equipment, and more.


For existing multifamily residential properties, InfiniSys assists owners and management, architects, and interior designers understand what the current condition of the property, network, and telecom agreements will support going forward. At the same time, we can help design changes to the infrastructure that will help you add technology and value to your property. Due diligence is critical to any successful acquisition.


From coordinating the underground activity with technology service providers to be sure it meets or exceeds expectations, to managing communication among installers, general contractors and owners, InfiniSys can help your next technology installation or upgrade project run smoothly, efficiently, and on-time. InfiniSys can help you centralize the low-voltage bid process. We’ll create a cross-section of bids and an “apples to apples” comparison using your preferred installers as well as our recommended national partners.


InfiniSys helps negotiate with subcontractors to get you the best pricing, service and results. This includes Newforma Service Providers and your property’s telecom legal counsel. Our goal is to minimize infrastructure installation costs while maximizing recurring revenue opportunities and ensuring the systems meet or exceed expectations. We will help you draft a contract that aligns with the technical scope of work and the original project design – critical to ensure correct results and proper recourse to remedy any errors.

Multifamily Building systems that are smart enough to be Simple.


Almost nothing brings a building to a stop faster than slow or erratic communications. Cloud applications, file downloads, streaming services, VOIP phone service, control systems and video conferencing are no longer novelties, they are the pulse of your building. Typical electrical plans do not take into account the demands of today’s residents. Buildings that are wired for the basic services such as internet, electricity, telephone, and video, will not ‘cut it’ for dense files and cloud computing that demand high-speed networks, communications and high-performance wiring. You need a data backbone wiring and networking package that enable you to enjoy the best of today’s technologies with enough ‘headroom’ so you are ready for the future.


InfiniSys innovates concepts to advance the mindset of our industry. Our SmartApartment® designs allow developers to keep at the forefront of technology. This design initiative really does make a resident’s life safer, more convenient and enjoyable. Imagine this scenario: the resident pulls into the garage after a long day. Their apartment recognizes that they’ve arrived, allows building access, turns on the lights, sets the music playlist to shuffle and the oven begins to preheat. Not bad for just showing up. Later on, one-touch of the “Night” button from the bedside puts the lights to “Sleep” mode, sets the alarm and makes certain the curtains and shades are closed. It’s that easy for your residents, and it’s a winning formula for your properties and your business growth.

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