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“Increasing occupancy rates is a top priority.”

Tech-savvy homes attract tech-savvy residents. Residents in apartments and condos, especially urban high-rises, tend to be on the go… not confined to their individual units. For them, technology is critical to a modern, convenient lifestyle. Have you considered wireless Internet throughout common areas? Cell phone amplifiers to eliminate “dead” zones? What about fitness centers equipped with individual flat-panel televisions or popular gaming consoles with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality systems in clubhouses?

Technology is a differentiator – making a property stand out from the competition. InfiniSys can help you identify the appropriate technology-based amenities that will appeal to potential residents.

“Technology that will need to be replaced or upgraded in a few years is a waste of money.”

InfiniSys agrees. That’s why we consider residents’ needs today and tomorrow during the design process. While a building can never truly be “future proofed,” some progressive thinking and planning can ensure that the infrastructure will remain viable even as new technology and services are introduced.

InfiniSys has developed strong relationships with national and local service providers across the country and in key markets. We have a seat at the table, and we’re part of the ongoing dialogue about new technologies. Armed with this inside knowledge, we design sustainable technology infrastructures that can handle both current applications and future demands. For developers, investing in a sustainable infrastructure will pay dividends down the road.

“The project needs to be done right the first time. We can’t incur additional costs down the road.”

Some design teams may rely on an electrical consultant, low-voltage installer or service provider to design a property’s network system. That may seem like a cost-effective strategy – but, it’s not. Developer-owners who choose this route will likely encounter added expenses in the long run. InfiniSys is different. Taking a holistic approach, we evaluate every project’s overall needs and develop a customized, sustainable solution. The job is done right the first time – saving you valuable time and money.

“I need to develop additional revenue streams.”

Make sure you negotiate win-win deals with service providers. Having worked with all the major national service providers – including Spectrum, Comcast, DIRECTV, Verizon and others – InfiniSys is well equipped to negotiate mutually beneficial telecommunications contracts. For example, wiring reimbursements, and other support may be available.

“We’re planning to sell the property in the near future.”

A well-designed technology infrastructure will increase a property’s resale value. Investors will find comfort and value in the fact that they won’t need to lay out a substantial amount of capital for technology upgrades. We know. We represent investors who buy properties. Even if you plan on flipping the property, you can’t get away with only the bare minimum technology offerings. If a neighboring building offers satellite television or another sought-after amenity, residents will choose that property over one that offers inadequate service. For developers, this creates cash-flow problems and a poor ROI. Lackluster offerings will drive investors away.

The question is: What do you do? The answer: Include InfiniSys on your team and expect innovation, experience and cost-efficient, sustainable solutions. Ready to get started? Contact us.