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Service Providers


“As service providers, we need to create a stronger presence in the multifamily industry.”

The first step toward breaking into the multifamily market is to demonstrate that you understand property owners’ needs and the industry’s business model. How can you help developer-owners, property managers and telecommunication providers generate additional revenue while providing quality service to residents? Thanks to decades of experience – working with large and small developers … national and local service providers … and a variety of other vendors targeting this market – InfiniSys has developed a solid understanding of the industry. We know what works and what doesn’t – from the business and technology perspectives. We offer consulting services to educate service providers about the multifamily industry. Armed with this knowledge, service providers can make well-informed business decisions.

“Understanding where the market is headed is critical to long-term business growth.”

InfiniSys is on the forefront of technology in the multifamily industry. Broadband Properties recognized the InfiniSys Team as being among the most influential people in the industry. We work with the best of the best developers … all the major service providers … and innovative vendors who create cutting-edge products specific to the industry. When it comes to feeling the pulse of the industry and knowing where it’s headed, no one is better positioned than InfiniSys.

“The multifamily industry is a niche – requiring specially designed products and services.”

Whether it’s a suburban garden-style community or a downtown high-rise, InfiniSys understands the design requirements of the multifamily industry. We have partnered with the best in class and other vendors to develop solutions specific to this niche market. Relying on our extensive market knowledge, InfiniSys can serve as a “sounding board” for possible ideas. Additionally, we can help develop specs and engineering plans to ensure that the products truly meet the requirements of the multifamily industry.

The question is: What do you do? The answer: Include InfiniSys on your team and expect innovation, experience and cost-efficient, sustainable solutions.

Amenities Make the Difference

Whether you’re looking for technology amenities that will control costs – or ones that will differentiate a community from the competition – InfiniSys has the answer.

From in-unit automation to 4K technology and interactive web based gaming rooms, InfiniSys can make suggestions to help your community appeal to today’s tech-savvy residents. In addition, we can help property owners and managers control costs by leveraging “green” technology. Programmable thermostats, smart appliances and light sensors can help keep energy costs under control. Lastly, technology amenities can increase security – providing stronger access control and surveillance.