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Whether you’re an institutional investor, a real estate company or a broker, the goal is the same: to find solid investment opportunities that will yield a high ROI.


In today’s multifamily industry, technology can significantly impact a building’s value; however, it’s often overlooked by investors during due diligence … which can lead to unexpected costs. Having conducted technology assessments on hundreds of multifamily buildings, InfiniSys has gained valuable first-hand experience and insight. We know how technology-related issues – such as infrastructure and contracts – can impact a potential investment.

“I want to make sure we’re making a wise investment.”

Buyers beware: An uninformed decision can lead to a bad investment. In the “digital” age – where residents expect high-speed Internet and high-definition TV – technology infrastructure is integral to an investment’s success. At InfiniSys, our team of experts is trained to assess the condition of the technology infrastructure. Understanding the “big picture” is the only way to protect your investment.

“Contracts are already in place governing the telecommunication services.”

InfiniSys will work with your legal team to review existing service provider contracts to determine if they need to be renegotiated or improved. Keep in mind that many provisions specified in older contracts are now considered unenforceable. Before contacting service providers directly, work with InfiniSys to identify “gray areas” and potential issues.

“Our inspector told us the infrastructure looks fine. Isn’t that enough?”

A building’s technology infrastructure is rarely – if ever – inspected as part of the standard due diligence process. Only specially trained experts know what to look for when it comes to the electrical and communications wiring that make up the backbone for technology. You need to take into account the expense to properly wire your multifamily development. If the building requires significant upgrades to provide high-speed Internet, HDTV, in-home networking or other technology amenities, is the asking price still a worthwhile investment?

That’s why we recommend a comprehensive assessment, which


  • Contract reviews – What contracts are in place? Do the existing contracts limit your ability to provide quality services to residents? What options are there for contract renegotiation or cancellation?
  • Site evaluation – While many older buildings have outdated cable that needs to be properly examined, newer buildings also require close scrutiny – starting outside, where telephone and cable services enter the site. InfiniSys also assesses data distribution points and in-unit functionality.
  • Security review – Safe communities are valuable commodities. What precautions have been taken – and what systems need to be updated – to protect the building and your residents?
  • Scope of work – InfiniSys provides investors with scopes of work to design and install the necessary infrastructure, cabling and electronics.

Ready to get started? Need more info? Contact us today!

Amenities Make the Difference

Whether you’re looking for technology amenities that will control costs – or ones that will differentiate a community from the competition – InfiniSys has the answer.

From in-unit automation to 4K technology and interactive web based gaming rooms, InfiniSys can make suggestions to help your community appeal to today’s tech-savvy residents. In addition, we can help property owners and managers control costs by leveraging “green” technology. Programmable thermostats, smart appliances and light sensors can help keep energy costs under control. Lastly, technology amenities can increase security – providing stronger access control and surveillance.