NetworkedApartment® - InfiniSys
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Almost nothing brings a building to a stop faster than slow or erratic communications. Cloud applications, file downloads, streaming services, VOIP phone service, control systems and video conferencing are no longer novelties, they are the pulse of your building. Typical electrical plans do not take into account the demands of today’s residents. Buildings that are wired for the basic services such as internet, electricity, telephone, and video, will not ‘cut it’ for dense files and cloud computing that demand high-speed networks, communications and high-performance wiring. You need a data backbone wiring and networking package that enable you to enjoy the best of today’s technologies with enough ‘headroom’ so you are ready for the future. From desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, to printers, wireless entertainment and monitoring, we treat your building design as a mission-critical business. We spec enterprise quality components built from the ground up to ensure high performance and reliability today and for years to come. Don’t get caught in a data bottleneck – get your Structured wiring designed properly by InfiniSys, the creator of the NetworkedApartment®.