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Essential, Demanded, and Managed 24/7 Student Wi-Fi

Essential, Demanded, and Managed 24/7 Student Wi-Fi

Always there, always on – that’s the mantra for Wi-Fi in student housing. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, video, music… and now widespread Wi-Fi calling it all runs on Wi-Fi. And that’s just from the student-side. Add in essential building services that also require high-quality Wi-Fi and you have a mission-critical need. It’s essential, demanded, required 24/7/365 and at the top of the list of technology requirements.

Successful Wi-Fi systems require full management, wide coverage, and strong density. Let’s take a high-level view at management first.

The Wi-Fi management system keeps the system reliable and working as a single system throughout the property so students can move around and stay online. This is not as simple as you might think. First you need to eliminate unauthorized devices that create interference. The management system looks for devices that shouldn’t be there, for example students that install their own equipment.

Next, Wi-Fi management makes sure each client is using the optimal frequency band and that the load is spread evenly amongst the network. With the explosive growth of the Internet of Things- IoT devices management and security have placed a further new burden on Wi-Fi networks.

Lastly, accurate monitoring and notifications gives the system administrator information about any faults so remedies are in place before any outages are even reported by the users.

Wi-Fi must to be designed properly from the start of the project. As you get later into the build, costs rise and optimum outcomes become harder to achieve. A successful design including correct raceway locations are critical. Yes, Wi-Fi is wireless but making it work requires wiring! This is all the responsibility of the developers and supervising contractors. Be sure they and all the ‘subs’ are on the ball.

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